Java BackDoor jbd 1.1 – README

USE ONLY DURING LEGAL AND AUTHORIZED ACTIVITIES, eg Penetration Tests with a legal agreement.

This is my open source (the code is inside the jar) java backdoor, with no password. Simply, locate java executable, and then run

/path/to/jre/bin/java -jar [port] [ip] [shell] [shellpath]

port: the listening port (default 65000)
ip: the listening ip (default = all IPs)
shell: the shell, without path (sh, bash, ksh, csh, cmd.exe, …)
  • Default (WIN) cmd.exe
  • Default (*X)  sh
shellpath: the path of the shell (/bin, /usr/bin, C:\Windows\system32\)
  • Default (WIN) C:\Windows\system32
  • Default (*X)  /bin/     (on Solaris try /usr/bin/)

Tested on

  • SunOS 8-9
  • Ubuntu Linux > 7.xx
  • Gentoo Linux >2005
  • Windows XP Sp2
  • Windows 2003 server
  • HP-UX ?? don’t remeber

It should work everywhere, if not please comment the post or the UPDATE posts


2 thoughts on “Java BackDoor jbd 1.1 – README

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