Google+tweet chrome extension – Reverse pt1

I’m getting involved into this “new” social web 2.0 communicating spreading twitting issue… I did not managed during this year, hope to start better this time…

So 2 days ago i opened my twitter account (sc0p3r, the beginning of my nick in leet) and started twitting something not too stupid (it will be very difficult)

However today I tried Google+ too, and I have been using LinkedIn for 4-5 years… I linked LinkedIn and Twitter, and now I want to link Twitter and Google+ as well… But Google+ does not natively supports twitter, or I was not be able to find it, so I found this Chrome extension

Can you install it before reverse/understand it? Yes you can, but I tried to analyze it.

To reverse a chrome extension

1) download it

2) while chrome asks you to install it, do not answer, go to /home/…/Downloads or C:\users\…\Downloads or whatever your default download dir is, and search for crx files

3) copy it, rename it in a .zip file, and extract

4) the extension core, as anyone could immagine, is in extension.js file

so 87 line of code are not so difficult to analyze. I read the code, it is quite clear, no strange variables and odd names. I did not find anything strange, it creates a button to let you share a tweet (I think, while writing I have not installed it!) and this <div button has a href anchor built through a variable, called twstream

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