Firefox7 profile with pentesting add-ons

I uploaded a pre-built Penetration Testing FireFox7 profile, with many useful extension:



I created this profile from scratch, starting from add-ons listed in the FireCAT project; many extensions did not work anymore, but the most important does; there are more or less 20 extensions, basically:

  • no logging extensions, if you know please comment this post, I really would like one of it
  • you’ll find hackbar, decoder, tamper data, firebug, cookie manager, user agent switch, web developer,
  • you’ll find downthemall, tabmixplus
  • foxyproxy with a localhost:8080 entry (no model specified, you need to select it for all URLs)
  • “news”: flash firebug, poster (web services testing), sqlite manager, fireforce, fireshot
  • as default, there is a theme with little paragraph-spacing (so you should not have long right-click menus)


Any other option is in the default state as a plain firefox installation. If you don’t know, you can run multiple firefox profiles at the same type; just run:

  • /path/to/firefox –no-remote -P
  • C:\path\to\firefox.exe –no-remote -P

-P -> shows the profile manager

–no-remote ->you can start more profiles at the same time


To use this one, just unpack the file (I suggest you into a cyphered partition), then run Firefox with those options, create new profile, select folder, go to the folder where you unpacked this RAR, and give it a name.


Extension suggestions are always welcome :)


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