DuQu – (trying to) summarize infos

Really too may tweet/linkedin/blog/forum/news… I will try to collect them in a single post, in order to go deeper in case I will have time…

December 13,2011 Iran shuts down Duqu-linked servers

December 4,2011 Stuxnet, Duqu & Conficker, a new generation of cyber weapons … even “without a father”

November 28,2011 Duqu: involution of Stuxnet [slides]

November 18,2011 DuQu mystery deepens as Irans admits infection

November 18, 2011 DuQu – Do we really know the enemy?

November 14,2011 Iran claims it can control DuQu

November 13, 2011 Iran says it has detected and is fighting DuQu and here

November 13, 2011 DuQu was more serious than previously thought

November 11,2011 Hackers may have spent years crafting DuQu

November 11,2011 DuQu saga continues: Mr B. Jamson and TV’s Dexter

November 7,2011 DuQu may derive from stars  and Stuxnet, DuQu, Stars and Galaxies…, October 21, 2011, from Paolo Passeri’s blog

November 6,2011 DuQu Open Source detector released (Python)

November 5,2011 DuQu analisys and detection tool by NSS labs

November 5, 2011 DuQu was created to spy on Iranian nuclear program

November 4, 2011, Five Things To Do To Defend Against Duqu

November 4, 2011, Microsoft Releases Workaround For Kernel Flaw Used By Duqu 

November 3, 2011
MS Windows 0-Day exploited by Duqu is caused by a TrueType font parsing vuln. Blocking T2EMBED.DLL prevents the attack

November 3, 2011 DuQu hackers shift to Belgium after India Raid

November 2, 2011 DuQu: The son or the father of StuxNet

November 2, 2011 What is DuQu up to?

October 28, 2001 India shuts server linked to Duqu computer virus

October 28, 2011 Win32/Duqu analysis: the RPC edition

October 27, 2011 Spotted in Iran, trojan Duqu may not be “son of Stuxnet” after all

October 27, 2011 New Duqu Trojan analysis questions Stuxnet connection

October 27, 2011 Analysis: Duqu Malware Launches Custom(izable) Attacks

October 26, 2011 Duqu incidents detected in Iran and Sudan

October 26, 2011 Duqu, Stuxnet link unclear

October 26, 2011 Duqu Trojan Questions and Answers

October 25, 2011 The mistery of DuQu

October 24, 2011 Symantec analisys: W32.Duqu: The Precursor to the Next Stuxnet

October 21, 2011 DuQu first removal tool (Symantec)

October 18, 2011 The Day of the Golden Jackal – The Next Tale in the Stuxnet Files: Duqu Updated


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