My WebSHell

WSH is Web-SHell written in Java; it is a web application that acts like a shell (and as a file manager too). It also gives you a way to open a backdoor on the target (if you have special needs).

If the app doesn’t show any exception, but you see only a blue background, see HTML code and load each frame separately (wsh is a 2 frame app, the upper one is a shell, the lower is a file manager)


You should deploy it as a common application in the Application Server management console (Tomcat Manager, Weblogic Console, SunAS console, etc…). The application consist in a single web page:

http(s)://[the_server]:[the_server_port]/[name of the archive without the .war extension]/

Ports Disclaimer – if you are on Jboss 7 or Weblogic, administration ports (7001, 9990) are different from “business” ports (8001, 8080); aim for not admin ports.

There are two frames in this page

  1. The upper one –  the “Web Shell
  2. The lower one –  the “File Manager

I think it’s very clear what you can do through the lower one: you can navigate the whole filesystem quickly, reading text (and no-text) files… (but do not click or cat a device – you will display the flow of the device content and the whole application will probably hang). If your target is a Windows SO, you should pay attention to a couple of things; please refer to Known Bugs (web/help/known_bugs.txt in the war file) for details.

The upper frame – the web shell –  has many functionalities: reading them from left to right:

  • The green element shows basic/extended informations about you target
  • Shell and Shell Path forms let you choose which shell to use (sh and cmd.exe defaults on *X and Windows).
  • Max Execution Time form lets you specify the max time a command can run
  • Alias Settings form lets you add command aliases
  • Backdoor lest you open a backdoor to simulate a shell

Please remember this is an application written to support ethical hackers – it has many security bugs, and if you find one, i will not fix it. The application is not W3C compliant, not validated against any HTTP DTD/XmlSchema. Always read Known Bugs before using any function



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